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ARTiculate: What Speaks to YOU

ARTiculate: What Speaks to YOU


My mother had a great love for art. She was a meticulous interior decorator. She not only sewed embellishments for the house but she designed and sewed her own wardrobe for years. From hot pants to muumuus, she made it and wore it. I won’t deny, I was thrilled that she didn’t sew for me. Rather, I was the elated recipient of my bohemian-hippie babysitter’s hand-me-downs. Brightly colored shorts, halter dresses, and flowing skirts were some of my favorite things. It wasn’t just about the style, it was about the fabric. The texture, print, and color would determine my level of “love” for a piece.

During the years in which we lived on the CRIT reservation in Arizona, my mother acquired a passion for Native American and Western art. I became familiar with pottery, weaving, heishe, squash blossoms, and silver work. I understood the process of lapidary. I also became familiar with names like Russell, Remington, McGrew, and Kitchel. This self-taught knowledge led my mother to become a Southwestern Fine Art gallery director and curator later in life. It taught me appreciation for culture.

One thing I truly admired about my mom, and still do, is that she sees the beauty in all styles and forms of art. She showed me that art is far more than something to be hung on a wall, placed on a shelf, or performed on a stage. “Art is alive in all things and in all trades,” she said. If I became perplexed in my attempt to decipher the meaning of a piece, she’d advise, “Just enjoy it. Don’t analyze it. Just feel it. Just appreciate it.” And that’s what I have become, an art ‘feeler’…an appreciator.

The development of technology over the last hundred years has certainly shifted the perceptions and dimensions of the traditional art world. Beyond the computer generated art forms, including digitalized photography and music, I marvel at what can be created with a can of spray paint and a glue gun.

As Etched Magazine leaps into its full evolution, Élan publishing celebrates its 9th year. Who knew? And, what were the odds? The level of gratitude that we at Etched have for our supporters and clients cannot be conveyed adequately. These are the people who have embraced our journey as an indie publication who avoids getting tangled up in bureaucracy and seeks serenity. We offer alternative perspectives while fusing history and progress. Our Arts Issue is a continuum of our evolution…as well as ourselves.

I may not always be able to articulate my feelings in words, but you will feel them in our pages. 
You, too, can discover the magic in ARTiculating a message whether it be on a canvas, in a photograph, or with a can of spray paint. Acknowledge the artist within and leave your mark, great or small, on this journey called life.

Darci, editor in chief