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It's a Southwest Kind of Season

darci holiday14

It's a Southwest kind of Season...

The brisk morning air, shorter days, and longer nights are gentle reminders of winter’s approach. As one who grew up loving the desert heat, it has taken some time for me to acquire the proper respect that this season deserves. Over the past few years I have come to recognize that the true essence of winter is that of rest and renewal in a redefined kind of way.


Winters were harsh for explorers and settlers who trekked towards the west pursuing gold, religious freedom, and the opportunity to homestead. For those whose journeys ended in the southwest, winters here must have been bliss in comparison. Indeed, the sweltering summer heat provided its own challenges. Hard work, the salty sweat from the brow, and blistered hands all preceded the fall’s harvest. The colder months had their own hardships but the desert’s temperatures helped to ease the pain. Less light equaled shorter days. Winter demanded respite for men and women alike.


During the country’s coldest months, those Weather Channel images of people wrapped in layers upon layers of clothing make me appreciate Southern Utah’s winter. Here, a good pedicure need not be hidden behind attire that resembles the Michelin Man’s suit.


Respite and renewal is revived through our lifestyle. Our world-class golf courses are a buzz with three quarter length sleeves (a.k.a. golf etiquette; no, I don’t play golf but I drive a mean cart). Road bikers line the scenic byways, while the canyons provide the silence that is often unheard the majority of the year. And if your heart desires to layer up, Cedar City and Brian Head Ski Resort are only a beat away. The antidote for the winter blues is just a step or hike outside the front door. 


And so it is, a southwest kind of season. One that celebrates the past, embraces the present, and enjoys the ‘hell’ out of winter. The holiday issue of Etched Magazine honors the quality of life in the southwest; those that create it, the people who live it, and the storytellers that preserve it. 


As the holidays approach, may your time be filled with moments of substance. Gifts may be forgotten but memories are immortal - make sure you experience some. Whatever your faith or belief, pay honor to your holiday with the purest of commitment. Wrap yourself around family and friends. 


And most importantly, our wish for you, “May your dreams become your journey.” From all of us at Etched Magazine, happiest of seasons! 


Darci Hansen, Editor in Chief