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Just Sayin' - I'm A Simple Man

Just Sayin...

I'm A Simple Man

Although Tim Shelman lives in the northwest, he and his family work and play all across the southwest, making countless friends everywhere they go. When he added the following post to his Facebook page we couldn’t resist sharing his perspective; sincere, honest...real.

I’m a simple man, as my wife will attest, with multiple faults that many will agree to. I speak from the heart, and for a living, with sometimes I’ll regard for being “politically correct”.

I grew up earning and still achieving scars from actions that “normal” people don’t acquire. I live life so I will have no regrets. After 24-years of marriage to the most amazing person and raising our daughter that not only respects us, but loves our company along with a mother who will support us through anything, has enlightened me of a few things.

I have jotted down a few things and added hashtags so the next generation can follow a little easier:

Show your family and friends that they are loved and needed thru interaction. #notatext #phonemakesvoicesoundstoo

Try new things. Don’t get in the cattle call waiting for the day to end. Make it happen, don’t watch it happen. #dintseeitdidit #gooutside

3-second rule: More like 3-day rule in our house. We don’t get sick because we expose ourselves to everything. #yousmelllikepurell. I have worked in conditions that would make a maggot vomit, still fine. #gasstillwontgetitoff

Don’t protect me from myself. I have made it this far with way better life stories than you have “seen on YouTube”. #keepyourminivanoutoftheleftlane

Give a firm handshake, annunciate and make eye contact when meeting someone, unless you don’t want them to remember who you are. #momstillcutsupyourveggies

Show respect to everyone until they show they don’t deserve it. My buddy Rick puts it perfectly “there aren’t any strangers, just friends I haven’t met yet.“ #smileandsayhi

Children need parents that give guidelines and stick to them, not trying to be their friend - that is a pushover. Limits will be pushed and chaos will ensue. #iwillmakeyoutapout

Express your feelings, but if all about the drama, keep that crap to yourself. Surround yourself with good people and talk to them often. You are what you speak. I don’t watch the news because its all bad news. I can’t change what’s happened and there is always better news from my family. 
#turnthecrapoff #familyisrightinfrontofyou

For those of you who are close to me, you already know my opinions on these subjects. I am not a “typer” so this has taken some time which I normally don’t have. It is 4am and I cannot sleep so a TPQ Blog or Rant has been executed ... I’m a simple man.


Tim Shelman