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The Fall Issue 2013 - The Dance of Time







“Things worth telling - take time.” - Nicholas Denmon


“Once upon a time...” Stories have existed long before recorded history. And history is but a series of stories that, when shared, can teach, inspire, enlighten and even entertain us. From cave paintings to novels, from songs and dances to movies, stories have always fascinated mankind. Each time a story is told, it breathes renewed life into our culture.


Without history, without chronicled stories, mankind would never learn from his mistakes, would never dream to emulate past heroes, would never see anything but the now. There would be limited inspiration for the future. Each story in its own way fills in a section of the larger narrative, giving us a fuller sense of life. 


“The destiny of the world is determined less by the battles that are lost and won than by the stories it loves and believes in.” 

- Harold Goddard


Brand marketers have repackaged “storytelling” as a sellable new concept. When in fact, the very narrative of the earth’s creation itself has been documented with footprints and artifacts miraculously preserved throughout time.


Storytelling is a tool for inclusion. Our stories connect us to one another. And while we are immersed in a story, something magical happens. We can see the world through someone else’s eyes. 


In this issue of Élan, we reflect on those whose personal stories have left a mark on life’s landscape. These individuals have charted their own course of history evoking evolution and change. Our pages are filled with inspiration that encourage you to explore the value of time -  to appreciate the journey of another and what their story has left behind. 


“Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale of all.”  - Hans Christian Andersen


We all have a story that evolves with age. To embrace the dance of time is to feel the fullness of our purpose - and that’s powerful stuff!


Darci Hansen - Founder

Editor in Chief