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7th Anniversary Edition 2013

“Peculiar.” Awesome word. It’s all about being unusual; different; distinct from others; and even at times, a little ‘odd.’ Since its inception, Élan Woman magazine has consciously worked to deliver to our readers what you’d least expect in our pages – something unusual. Our glossy cover, fresh content and expressive images combine to provide for a powerful narrative. Our team thrives on the challenge to continually evolve.
It has been seven years since the first issue of Élan Woman came off the press ... yes, seven years. I like the number “7.” It has its own peculiarity. Throughout the ages “7” has defied the law of averages. It has been the charm of luck and good fortune. The number seven also symbolizes ‘togetherness’ and kismet relationships. So it is with Élan Woman, the team of support she has on her 7th Anniversary is serendipity.
As the Founder, I look back when Élan Woman magazine was simply an idea burning inside of my head. I am thankful that I didn’t fully conceive what it would take to sustain her ... but it was destiny. I have unconsciously prepared my entire life for this moment. Growing up on the C.R.I.T. reservation I learned the words ‘diversity’ and ‘minority’ at an early age. I have been ‘low income’ and know its challenges. I have worked physical jobs such as janitor, waitress, fitness instructor and landscaper. I have been a director of development in the health care industry and for higher education athletics. With over twenty years of charitable work, I have advocated for women, children, the arts, the environment, the disabled, animal rights and those in recovery. I am a wife, a mother, a friend, and at the service of my fellow human beings. Élan Woman has been rushing through my veins long before she appeared in my conscious.
What you see in Élan Woman’s pages is the collaboration of brilliantly creative people who have been compelled to be a part of her. It is because of these talented individuals - writers, photographers, designers, and our supporters - that Élan Woman magazine has grown amidst an unstable economy and the rise of technology. It is her destiny...
“Luck is what you have left over after you give 100 percent.” - Langston Coleman
So on this, our 7th Anniversary and our Arts Issue, we at Élan Woman magazine celebrate our ‘peculiarity’ with the passion that ignites our souls. Hard work, enduring commitment and unbridled dedication is what truly defines her ... and the reason why she’s called, “Élan.”

Darci Hansen, Founder
Editor in Chief